We are bikers through and through, and know the quality of work we expect to buy, and so try to ensure our paintwork meets those expectations! You are not going to be dealing with a faceless large paint shop who care more about profits and turnaround than the quality of finish or service. I am a chronic perfectionist and do my utmost to achieve an ever increasing quality of finish.

All vents and seals, etc are removed where possible prior to painting to achieve a crisp factory finish. I am constantly learning new techniques and finishes! Each helmet / bike is without doubt better than the previous one.

Don't be afraid to contact us for a quote!  We are very reasonably pricedand understand that everyday `normal` people can`t afford / justify spending more on their paint than their lid / bike! Our paintwork is good quality and affordable.

We are aiming to provide high quality paintjobs average people just like ourselves can actually afford!



All work priced at £12 per hour including materials.

There are a lot of hours in each piece to get to these standards.





When I'm not busy going cross-eyed spraying mad designs on lids/bikes that is!  :)

Well it might come as no surprise to you to learn that I am a BIG bike fanatic! 

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Mad max themed endurance racer styling. Tuned Z1B engine. All work by myself including alloy work/elecs/paint, etc, etc.






My own personal project bike built out of mostly scrap for £700. Everything by myself. Bought as a non-running wreck of a bike. As you can see from pictures ultra complex artwork throughout on almost every item paintable. :) Loads of pictures on `Gallery - Bikes` page.







Phoenix style trike with supercharged 1600cc VW engine. All work by myself including alloy work/elecs/paint, etc, etc. Great for sunny days when you get them up here!  :)






Winter project for me built out of utter junk parts scavenged from skips and rubbish dumps. Hand made parts out of whatever I could find lying about basically.






MY 1938 Morris Eight Hotrod Project

Latest project to keep me going over next few winters of evenings/weekends. Total wreck of a 1938 Morris Eight bought locally and being rebuild from the ground up hand making a lot of one off parts along the way.








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