Gallery - Skiing


Some of the ones Ive done!   Pictures do not do the artwork justice!

Want your helmet done??? Got your own design?........ Contact me.

All work priced at £12 per hour including materials.

There are a lot of hours in each piece to get to these standards.

Can supply helmets also.

I won't do an exact clone of any of the helmets you see but happy to do do something very similar with subtle colour/layout/detail changes. Trying to keep each helmet as one-off where possible. Iron man and similar designs are kind of set in the way the front looks, but change things up a bit and have a different back mural for something unique.







Featuring a massive amount of detail on a small scale this one. Bio mech 3D theme throughout with blue candy colouring, etc. Terminator/clown mural on top. Very nice this one close up.

Something similar spec. - Approx £400.00 GBP (POA)







Skiing helmet faeturing race style graphics with lots of flourescents and metallics throughout. Neat detailed mural of Skull and cross-ski's on top.

Something similar spec. - Approx £400.00 GBP (POA)





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