Design Ideas & Help


Taking an initial idea from image to finished artwork.

I am a qualified designer and can help with the tricky process of creating that one-off special masterpeice from a vague idea or initial image found while browsing or Google image searching. Having carried out many helmet/paintwork designs I am very experienced in working with the customers initial ideas and helping to form the finished design around them into a final design. Even if its only a rough idea you have I can suggest many different ideas, paintwork effects and inspiration based on that and take it forward into paint.

We take the stress out of custom by handling the complete design package!



Whether its a straightforwards image you want added too, or incorporated to form a mural as below:-





If your after a custom helmet and spot a character in a movie you particularly like I can transform than into a finished helmet if I am supplied with a sample image to work from like `The Joker` below:-




If your after a custom helmet and just have a vague idea based on some images you like I can work these into a finished design easily like below:-

The customer supplied these images he found on a Google image search and requested a

helmet design based on them featuring some Bio-Mechanical work also. The finished design is shown below.




The same easy transition from initial ideas to paint can be accomplished with bike paintwork also:-


The customer supplied initial `Alice in Wonderland` theme as an idea. I worked from movie

poster and other images I gathered to produce a show winning paintjob accross her whole bike.




Whatever the random image you come accross online, in a magazine, in a movie we`re here to help turn that crazy idea into reality for you. Stuck for inspiration? Google image search things that interest you and see what it throws up, then get in touch!




Race designs wise if you can supply a rough sketch of what you want I can turn it into paint for you like below.





Open one of the links below for a black and white outline drawing of either a road helmet or an offroad helmet. Print one off, and draw on the design idea you have, and email it to us for a quote. It really is that easy!






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